BPM from back office to front office and beyond

Extending the reach of process automation

Are you tough enough to take on BPM and win? Someone has to. It has never been more important to handle workflow efficiently.

But it has never been more tricky: different types of information, acquired in different locations, for different business needs, need to be integrated into the process. You want flexibility and agility: not attributes of the traditional “Big Iron BPM” approach, or the fragmentation and inefficiencies of ad hoc BPM.

What’s the alternative?

Dermot McCauley at Kofax thinks he knows, and he was trapped behind the desk in the Reg studio until we broadcast 'BPM: From Back Office to Front Office and Beyond'.

We were also joinde by Dale “Yes but” Vile, who was there to raise polite but firm objections if Dermot tries to get away with anything, and he explain some of the problems you have had with BPM in the past based on our research - and how mobile, portals and cloud fit into a new vision of BPM.

The Register’s broadcast and wardrobe editor Tim Phillips was in charge. If you think BPM deserves a second look you can now catch the on demand Regcast version here.

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