Quantum-safe network security for 21st century threats


Join our panel of industry experts to explore the latest advancements in encryption technology and the evolving landscape of 21st-century cyber threats.

Learn how Arqit’s technology integrates seamlessly with Juniper’s SRX Firewall to harden VPN communication and mitigate against existing and anticipated cyber threats.

Agenda Highlights:

Understanding Quantum-Safe Encryption

  • Explore recent advancements in firewall encryption, addressing the quantum threat.
  • Integration insights with cutting-edge software solutions.

Navigating 21st Century Threat

  • Uncover the broader implications of quantum threats and the evolving threat landscape.
  • Examine governmental responses and regulatory perspectives on emerging standards

Introducing NetworkSecure Solutions

  • Survey the available solutions landscape, emphasizing the role of NetworkSecure.
  • Overcome objections and misunderstandings, focusing on regulatory compliance.
  • Explore the simplicity of implementation for efficiency gains.
  • Strategies for initiating conversations with customers and insights into the commercial model.


  • Paul Feenan, Chief Revenue Officer, Arqit -Moderator
  • Dr. Daniel Shiu, Chief Cryptographer, Arqit
  • Dr. Michael Murphy, Deputy Chief Technology Officer, Arqit
  • Melchior Aelmans, Chief Architect, Juniper Networks