Unilever adopts new technology to drive agile infrastructure delivery

And tells us how it’s getting on

We’ve got a on-demand broadcast that should be very interesting to all you data centre gurus out there. Unilever has been working to turn it’s old rigid data centre systems and processes into a dynamic service that is capable of responding to the modern demands of the business. It’s done this by embarking on a project that relies heavily on the principles of private cloud. The project isn't fully completed yet, but they're well along with it and Garry Meaburn, the operations effectiveness and tooling manager at Unilever, is in our studio to give tips and very practical advice and insights on supporting the building of a dynamic IT operation..

The Register's own Lucy Sherriff was the host for the hour and along with her and Garry, we had Andrew Buss from Freeform Dynamics and Puja Prabhakar from Avanade. Andy provided the relevant scene setting and comparisons with reg reader experiences (thanks to our recent Private Cloud Research many of you helped us with). And Puja, who is working with Garry on the Unilever program, provided further insights from the Unilever project and others she has worked on.

What can you expect? Well, Garry shares as much detail as he can about why the project was initiated, how it was funded, the challenges they've overcome and the benefits they've already delivered as well as the ones they're hoping to ultimately realise.

For anyone thinking about making the shift to a dynamic data centre and private cloud, this promises to be quite an eye opener. You can now view this on-demand version of the event right here.