Using InnerSource methods in financial services

Internal collaboration creates innovation


Open-source software development has made significant strides, yet its adoption remains uneven across various sectors. In industries such as financial services, certain IT departments have exhibited caution regarding its implications, leading to a slower uptake of open-source methodologies. However, InnerSource leverages these methodologies within organisations, harnessing the collective talent to share code through centralised repositories. This approach accelerates innovation processes and fosters the development of higher-quality applications.

In 2023, Red Hat, open source’s tireless advocate, embraced InnerSource by joining The InnerSource Commons. It has also adopted InnerSource internally. Join Dean Clark of Red Hat and Tim Phillips of the Reg for discussion of what an InnerSource culture is, how you can build one in your workplace, and the advantages for your developers. You will hear:

  • Understanding InnerSource: Explore the concept of InnerSource and how it differs from traditional open-source development practices.
  • Red Hat's Adoption of InnerSource: Delve into Red Hat's decision to embrace InnerSource, including their motivations and the impact on their internal processes and culture.
  • Building an InnerSource Culture: Discuss strategies and best practices for cultivating an InnerSource culture within your organisation, including fostering collaboration and encouraging contributions.
  • Advantages for Developers: Explore InnerSource's benefits for developers, such as increased visibility, opportunities for skill development, and a more collaborative work environment.
  • Business Leaders and InnerSource: Analyze how business leaders can leverage InnerSource to drive innovation, improve productivity, and foster a culture of continuous improvement within their teams. Discuss case studies and real-world examples of organisations that have successfully implemented InnerSource principles.