Why a server refresh is the ideal time to transition to Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Upgrading your servers presents a double gain opportunity when aligned with the benefits of HCI adoption, as Nutanix explains


Moving to Hyperconverged Infrastructure – HCI – frees organisations from the limitations that traditional server infrastructures impose on IT’s ability to scale easily to a business’s ever-changing requirements.

HCI achieves this by streamlining the deployment and management of enterprise IT resources, using software to unify servers, networks and storage arrays into an agile, scalable and resource-efficient software-defined delivery model. HCI-centric organisations can look forward to less complexity, improved performance, lower costs – plus a better sustainability profile.

Transitioning to HCI during a server refresh brings even greater advantages including additional cost savings, reduced operational overhead and faster return on tech investment. However, while there are multiple benefits to be gained, successfully executing a move to HCI that’s aligned with server upgrades must be carefully considered and planned for. In this webinar The Register’s James Hayes is joined by HCI expert Allan Waters, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Nutanix, who will share proven best practices for these transitions, and discuss the broader operational benefits that HCI delivers.

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • The compelling reasons in favour of aligning HCI transition with a server refresh.
  • Identifying and understanding the benefits – and avoiding the pitfalls.
  • The factors to be considered when selecting the right HCI solution for your Organisation.