Understanding Multi-Region Application Architecture (By O'Reilly)

Building Resilient and Efficient Global Systems

Published April 2024


Multi-region deployments don’t have to be expensive. In fact, they can often be more cost-effective than deploying isolated applications across those same regions. Fewer isolated components means less operational overhead and lower cost. With a distributed SQL database (and horizontally scalable software in general), you gain not only failure resilience but also the ability to perform maintenance without downtime.

In this report, we will examine techniques to consider and pitfalls to avoid when building applications that span multiple geographical regions, and learn how to create a distributed application using just a handful of modern tools that will provide users across multiple continents a great experience while containing absolutely zero percent cruft, spaghetti code, or config creep.

Discover how multi-region application architecture, paired with the right tools, can save businesses from redundant infrastructure and let their teams focus on the interesting problems instead of worrying about the database.