Cybersecurity in crisis

The triple threat of ransomware, data breaches, and extortion


Feeble. Derisory. Sadly insufficient. In March, that’s how MPs described the government’s response to attacks created by the cyber-espionage group APT31.

A recent review by The National Cyber Security Centre concluded that the resilience of the country’s critical national infrastructure is not where it needs to be, and this was the result. So, faced with the triple threat of ransomware, breaches and extortion from organised gangs like APT31, perhaps backed by nation states, is your cybersecurity sufficient, and where it needs to be? Are you consumed by reactive firefighting or doing proactive planning? Do you understand why compliance is an enabler, not an obstacle? Have you managed to balance agility with security?

In this Regcast, Richard Cassidy, Rubrik CISO, will join Tim Phillips in the studio to explore ways that organisations can mitigate the impact of cyberattacks, making sure they can recover quickly with minimum disruption to their operational capacity or data integrity. They will discuss:

  • The scale of the triple threat, and why it’s now a crisis
  • Understanding the evolution, intricacies, and the implications of the threat for your business
  • Rethinking your cybersecurity strategies