An insider’s view to getting started with Embedded Linux

Embedded Linux systems might seem challenging – but with expert guidance you’ll understand how to realise the business benefits it brings, explains Wind River


Linux for embedded systems – Embedded Linux – enables developers to tackle the most challenging industry-specific requirements, navigate security threats, and streamline application development/deployment. By lowering TCO across operational areas, commercially-supported Embedded Linux soon delivers tangible business benefits. But while Embedded Linux is built on the same kernel as all Linux systems, embedded systems have constraints that other enterprise systems do not. These range from higher reliability and security requirements to tighter resource availability and the need for prolonged engineering support. For software developers and professionals who want to get started with Embedded Linux, understanding how Embedded Linux distributions differ, and choosing the right one for the right deployment, is essential.

In this Register webinar Esteban Rivera Castillo, Embedded Linux Support Engineer at Wind River, will expertly guide you through the requirements of Embedded Linux environments, and explain how to meet its challenges to achieve market success – and drive business benefits. In this webinar you will learn about:

  • How for many aspects of enterprise software development, Embedded Linux offers multiple advantages, but may not be the right solution for every use-case.
  • The differences between Embedded Linux distributions – how to choose the right one.
  • Common security risk issues around Embedded Linux – one of the considerations that you must be aware of when pursuing certifications.