You are not a hamster

So get off that storage refresh wheel


In this 3 part webcast series, Markus Grau, Savas Nicolaides, and Jean-Francois Marie from Pure Storage discuss with Tim Phillips why, now that all-flash costs less than disk, you no longer have to suffer from complexity, inflexibility, or power and space issues from legacy disk and SSD-based storage.

Part 1

Markus discusses market trends and the challenges you’re facing that mean we’re at an inflection point.
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Part 2

Savas shows how co-innovation of hardware and software and a new paradigm for storage offer a way to meet those challenges — and which technologies will keep you off that wheel for ever.
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Part 3

Jean-Francois describes the best platform to deliver flexible cloud services for you.
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If you actually are a hamster, this won’t interest you. Everyone else: you can’t afford to miss it.