Work Transformation Summit APAC

Organized by Zoom


Mastering workforce dynamics: How culture, employee engagement, AI and technology intersect

Humans power the success of any organization — you might even say employees are the “operating system” of your business. But just as any operating system is vulnerable to crashes and malfunctions, a disengaged workforce can negatively impact your organization’s culture, retention, and even your bottom line. According to Gallup, the best-engaged workforces had 43% lower levels of employee turnover and 81% lower levels of absenteeism. The employee experience is becoming a critical focus for business leaders. With an unprecedented five generations working alongside each other in the workplace, leaders must adeptly navigate this diverse landscape to cater to both digital natives and digital nomads.

Join us as we explore the intersection of culture, engagement, AI, and technology. Discover how technology empowers teams to collaborate and do work effectively. We’ll explore the tensions and opportunities a multigenerational workforce presents and share strategies to foster a workplace culture that utilizes the digital experience to engage employees.

What to expect:

With workplaces rapidly evolving, organizations strive to foster inclusivity and engagement across diverse generations and technological preferences. Gain practical insights from Zoom and industry experts on:

  • The role culture plays in a company’s “operating system” and how it can be vital to withstanding hard times and thriving in good times.
  • Explore how technology, including AI, enhances employee engagement and fosters connection, empowering your team members to feel valued and connected.
  • Navigate a generationally diverse workforce with strategies to cultivate cohesion while addressing each generation’s unique needs, preferences, and work styles.