Identity Security Clinic

Experts diagnosing your identity security challenges and prescribing a solution


Introducing CyberArk’s Identity Security Clinic. Where experts dissect and diagnose your identity security challenges and prescribe a path forward with a comprehensive solution including actionable insights and strategies to safeguard all identities across your organization.

In this Clinic we take a close look at an organization with a complex environment that was attacked and needs to be protected and set up for a successful audit. We will discuss a solution by answering the question, "Identity security, where to start?" and break it down into the following four parts:

  • Utilizing discovery to identify security gaps
  • Grouping different types of identities
  • Putting intelligent policies in place
  • Detecting and preventing future threats

Join us to learn how to master Identity Security best practices, apply zero trust principles, and reduce risk across all your IT admins, developers, non-human and workforce identities. By synergizing workforce identity security with robust IT security measures, organizations can establish a resilient defense against cyber threats while fostering a secure and productive working environment.