Future-Proofing Data Management: The Case for Kubernetes

Advance Your Data on Kubernetes (DoK) Journey


In an era where cloud technology has become the backbone of application deployment, Kubernetes emerges as a key player in providing a flexible, multi-cloud approach, significantly reducing the cognitive load on DevOps teams in production environments. This webinar delves into how Kubernetes, in synergy with Portworx, revolutionizes the landscape of application deployment across multi-cloud and hybrid environments through enhanced storage versatility and centralized management.

The session begins with an exploration of the challenges posed by cloud managed databases in multi-cloud setups, highlighting the extensive cloud expertise required beyond mere database management. This includes areas such as Identity and Access Management (IAM), networking, backup, and disaster recovery, alongside the complexities of protecting applications using multiple cloud-managed databases with synchronized backups.

Further, we dissect the limitations of traditional hardware storage arrays in meeting the agility demands of modern workloads. With Portworx's introduction of true cloud-native capabilities, we demonstrate how it transcends the connection limits and logistical challenges of hardware arrays, offering a robust solution that aligns with the rapid CRUD activities inherent in containerized environments.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • Cloud Managed Databases produce more toil and cognitive load for Administrators
  • Hardware storage arrays are not agile enough for many cloud native applications
  • How to run Managed databases uniformly across multiple environments