Cyber risk management for CPS

Measuring and managing your exposure


The hard work of identifying, prioritizing, and remediating vulnerabilities and misconfigurations across your industrial and critical infrastructure environments never stops. The Network and Information Security 2 Directive (NIS2) expands the scope of regulation to manage risk in cyber-physical systems (CPS) in sectors like energy, transport, water management, and other critical infrastructure.

So what does NIS2 mandate? And how do you apply it to the particular problems of CPS risk management: proprietary protocols, legacy systems, and the distinct complexities of your organization's CPS/OT environment?

Claroty is an expert on managing CPS risk, and it argues that the techniques of exposure management are what you will need to secure your vulnerabilities in the Extended Internet of Things. Join William Noto and Arik Diamant of Claroty, who will be talking to The Reg’s Tim Phillips about:

  • What NIS2 mandates when managing CPS risk
  • Why exposure management trumps vulnerability management
  • Measuring, managing and reducing your risk using Claroty xDome