How data is enabling The FA to attain its performance goals

By partnering with Google Cloud, The Football Association has been able to develop pioneering player performance tracking tools to boost the England side

Performance data has become a key determinant of success across all sports, but none more so than football. From athleticism to nourishment, players at all levels are tracked and their performances translated into data points that help their team managers and coaches to optimise individuals’ abilities.

The English Football Association – The FA – has partnered with Google Cloud to develop innovative ways to accurately capture and analyse performance data, while a separate project is also being developed that enables FA scouts to identify early-stage talent and help it achieve a world-class career.

In this Register webinar, Mark Jarvis, Head of Men’s Performance at The FA, explains how data-driven solutions developed in partnership with Google Cloud are enabling England national team members to reach their fullest playing potential, as well as develop AI-powered ‘scouting’ systems that help football talent spotters to identify future stars, and provide coaching support that brings their abilities to their fullest potential.

In this insightful webinar you will learn about:

  • How new technology is changing the way football is played.
  • Where and how real-time data provides the greatest value to managers and coaches.
  • How the performance data of greatest value is identified and extracted.