Banking Resilience at Global Scale with Distributed SQL

Why and how Fortune 500 financial service companies use Distributed SQL to grow their business, eliminate risks, optimize costs, and ensure an ideal customer experience

Published June 2024


In the world of finance, changing databases is usually pretty rare. When you’re in charge of other people’s money even small changes could represent major risks. And there’s a lot at stake – brand reputation, customer satisfaction, employee retention, meeting your revenue goals.

To meet modern customer demands, financial service applications arguably have the most stringent database requirements when it comes to availability, scalability, data consistency, and data locality (for compliance and minimal latency).

Distributed SQL is the best solution to automate scale, guarantee resilience, and prioritize data correctness – while eliminating unnecessary operations such as sharding, planned downtime, and hours of code refactoring that come with using a legacy relational database management system (RDBMS).

Whether your goal is to reduce risk and ensure business continuity, grow your business to new territories, ensure an ideal customer experience no matter what, optimize costs while reducing overhead spend, or all of the above, Distributed SQL can help.