Choosing the Right Cloud Platform Post-VMware Acquisition: Key Questions to Ask

Looking to move from VMware to an up-to-date cloud platform that’s fully AI-, cloud- and container native? It’s essential to understand the differentiating factors, explain the experts from Nutanix.


Not all cloud platforms are created equal. Choosing the right one for today’s diverse and exacting workloads is a challenge – making the wrong choice might adversely impact your business operations for years to come.

Key questions related to performance requirements, flexibility, scalability, security, regulatory compliance and costs are among the essential considerations – especially when migrating to a new platform provider.

Join Nutanix experts Greg White (Senior Director, Strategic Marketing) and Aaron Delp (Cloud Native Marketing) for this Register webinar on 27th June in which they will explain why Nutanix Cloud Platform (NCP) is ideal for cloud-native apps, AI apps, containerised workloads, and modern applications in containers, because it provides a simple, consistent, cost-effective solution for application deployments from core to edge to cloud.

During this deep delve into Nutanix NCP, Greg and Aaron will:

  • Cover the benefits of using Nutanix NCP for modern workloads, and explain why it makes sense to leverage Nutanix rather than remaining with VMware.
  • Show how Nutanix demonstrably increases efficiency while allowing your workloads to scale and move across IT environments to meet needs in dynamic market environments.
  • Explain how Nutanix’s support teams can enable you to quickly spin up these new workloads while ensuring up-to-date best practices are being followed

(Nutanix, Inc. is not affiliated with VMware by Broadcom or Broadcom.)