Protecting AI systems from cyber threats



Are you concerned about the security of artificial intelligence (AI) workloads in your industry? Join us for this webinar - "Protecting AI systems from cyber threats” - featuring Intel, DETASAD, Juniper Networks, and Arqit for advice on the knowledge and strategies needed to successfully defend your AI enabled applications and services from unwanted attention.

This session will help you understand AI's growing role across various sectors, including telecoms, finance, research, security/defense, smart cities, and critical national infrastructure (CNI). The session will outline the increasing range and frequency of cyber threats targeting AI systems, and highlight recent high-profile security breaches.

On the agenda:

1. Market awareness:

  • Surveys highlight disparity in AI awareness across industries.
  • Insights on industry-specific awareness

2. Threats to AI:

  • Data poisoning, adversarial attacks, model theft.
  • Real-world case studies

3. Vendor and Regulatory Responses:

  • Best practices and security measures
  • Existing regulations and recent developments
  • Gaps in current frameworks

4. Trust and Readiness for AI:

  • Survey of public trust in AI technologies:
  • Factors influencing trust and strategies for maintaining it
  • Importance of ethical AI practices

5. Measures to Improve AI Security:

  • Secure data storage, encryption, and data validation
  • Continuous monitoring and robust training methods
  • Regular audits and AI governance policies.

Don't miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve in AI security. Register now and help make sure your AI systems are protected against evolving cyber threats!


  • Dr Alison Vincent, former CISO at HSBC and PhD cryptographer (Chair)
  • Salwa Alessa , CISO at DETASAD and named one of the Top 100 women in Cyber today
  • Kasia Hansen, Global Sr. Director, Physical and Cybersecurity Ecosystems at Intel
  • Dr Roberta Faux, Field CTO at Arqit and former NSA cryptographer will join the panel
  • Stephanie Rullo, Product Marketing Manager at Juniper Networks