Exchange: to host or not to host

Cloud, control or both?

To host or not to host: cloud is the question. With the recent release of Exchange 2013 and Wave 15 of Office 365, and the huge number of you who use Exchange for messaging, you probably have a choice to make in the near future. Do you migrate to the newest version of Exchange, migrate to the cloud and Exchange Online, or do both? What exactly are the differences between hosted and on-premise Exchange?

Whatever your decision, you know that bad decisions when you are migrating your email platform can be career-threatening - and not just for the IT department. A migration project is not something to jump into without preparation, knowing exactly what effect it will have on your business.

Chad Lindley, product manager of migration solutions at Dell Software, who does this sort of thing for fun, shared his experience on this on demand Regcast. He gave a guide to the choices to take, how to prepare, how to migrate safely, and how to manage your new Exchange platform. Tony Lock of Freeform Dynamics shared research which showed what works and doesn't work for other Reg readers. The Reg's Tim Phillips was your host, making sure they answered your live questions.

Watch the on demand version of this webcast here.

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