The New Meaning of Identity Security

Identity problems do not truly change, but scale and context do. When they do, we must adapt.


Identity has become the new security perimeter, and threat actors are abusing it mercilessly. Even MFA, once the standalone, impenetrable defender of the login, is now a preferred attack vector. Additional security layers can mitigate this, but the price is being paid in user experience. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Strong ‘un-phishable’ credentials – starting with passkeys – are great for security and usability, but threats don’t end after the moment of login

New frameworks such as Shared Signals, alongside the judicious application of machine learning to identity threat detection and response systems (ITDR), and digital, verifiable credentials offer hope for a new approach to identity security that will keep users and organisations safe without driving them crazy!

In this Register webinar on 17th July 2024, 9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm BST, experts at Cisco Duo, Sami Laine (Principal Security Strategist) and Josh Green (Technical Strategist), will explain the dynamics that are driving identity security, and review the multiple security components within Cisco Duo’s single security solution – such as Identity Intelligence, Shared Signals and Risk-Based Access Policies – that can help.

Join this insightful webinar to learn about how:

  • Maintaining security when context and scale change requires a step-change in methods.
  • Verifiable credentials and identity intelligence represent this step-change that promises to deliver enhanced security.
  • By making MFA invisible, your users will think that ‘frustrating’ MFA requirements have been retired when they are, in fact, working as hard as ever.