The end user security jigsaw

Completing the puzzle for your organisation

Published August 2013

Risk management is not about absolutes or certainty; it’s about playing the odds. This principle is particularly relevant when it comes to securing end user computing activity.

We have no shortage of solutions available to us in this area. Indeed looking at what’s available on the market, it’s clear that many options exist for tackling the same or similar requirements. The problem, however, is that none of them are 100% effective at what they are supposed to do. But even if they were, the complexity of the environment along with the dynamic nature of the problem means no single technology or service is ever going to be enough. Minimising your exposure is about mixing the right cocktail of solutions and approaches to achieve an ‘acceptable’ level of protection for your organisation and the situations that arise within it.

In an attempt to understand what this translates to in practice, we conducted an online research study during June and July 2013 in which data was gathered from 977 IT and business professionals.

In terms of scope, the questionnaire used was one of the broadest we have ever developed at Freeform Dynamics, and our thanks go out to all of those who had the patience to work through it. The exercise was well worth it, however, as we ended up with a good holistic view of the things that really matter.

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