Enterprise storage in a flash

The challenges and benefits to moving to the all-Flash data centre

SSDs are now firmly established in enterprise storage. For many organisations they are now being deployed to support an expanding range of workloads, not just one or two specialist services such as high performance analytics or desktop virtualisation. But adopting SSD / Flash storage does have an impact on IT processes so are the ways in which storage is procured just as important?

On our latest storage webcast, we were joined by ERS's Keith Bucknall who shared his Enterprise Flash challenges and success'. He was joined by Tony 'Dr Stats' Lock, HPE's Tony Stranack and The Register's host Jon Collins.

They recapped the Flash Storage history so far, explored what has changed in the technology stack supporting ‘shared storage’ operations and whether there is a business case to use Flash / SSD, beyond the accepted ‘High performance / low latency’ workloads.

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