Enabling the Digital Workforce

Optimising the employee experience in the digital age

In this age of digital transformation, do employees still matter? The answer is yes, more than ever - the human layer sits atop a platform of technologies, and it is from people that creativity, innovation and differentiation come. That’s the principle, so far so good, but executive decision makers at many organisations are yet to understand how to deliver against such a promise.

In this webinar, compered by our very own Jon Collins, we set Freeform Dynamics’s Dale Vile and HPE’s Paul Evans the challenge of clearly articulating just why the workforce remains the organisation’s most important asset in the digital age. We look at new research that shows how much of a role employees will continue to play, and draw on the wisdom of the Reg audience and beyond to understand what is meant by ‘employee experience’.

At the same time, we consider what is causing such a gulf of understanding between senior decision makers and their staff, in terms of ensuring employees deliver on their objectives. This isn’t just about bigging up the staffer, however - the bottom line is that the business case for the employee needs to be as hard nosed as any other, such that the workforce can not only survive, but thrive and deliver the digital organisation of tomorrow.

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