Putting Hyperconverged Systems in context

A top-down view

Massively scalable server, storage and cloud orchestration architectures give the enterprise a plethora of options when it comes to building new IT systems and services.

However the wealth of choice also creates a headache, as IT and business decision makers look to deliver on their business goals.

This webinar takes a top-down view of hyperconverged systems and storage, asking what problems it solves from the point of view of business and IT service delivery. When and why should you choose it, and indeed, when shouldn’t you choose it? Where should your organisation start to architect the scalable platforms it needs, public or private, and how can you ensure you remain in control of delivering on your business needs?

To answer these questions, join our stalwart host Jon Collins, Iain Burns from HPE and Tony Lock from Freeform Dynamics as we navigate a path of clarity through the muddied waters of massively scalable hybrid IT.

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