What's holding back database teams in DevOps?

Quest Software and The Register, Q&A

Published June 2017

Data is most organisations’ lifeblood yet database teams are not first-class players in the Agile culture.

The database is a mission-critical system that lives in a constantly changing state - making it a difficult and high-risk moving target.

The database is therefore frequently exempt from unit testing and quality control measures that are the hallmarks of CD and CI in DevOps

Quest Software’s John Pocknell joins The Reg to explain the hurdles holding back database teams in DevOps, and how that’s hurting release cycles.

John is responsible for Quest’s Toad database toolset, setting strategy and roadmap and working with customers bringing databases into CD and CI.

In this webcast we’ll discuss:

  • The nature of risk in bringing databases into the continuous life cycle
  • How management’s desire to to cut cost and become more dynamic is forcing the pace of change
  • The bombs lurking in most database code that’ll catch you out
  • Building solid processes and cross-functional groups to turn database development Agile
  • The cultural and technical challenges of bringing databases into the CD and CI process
  • Moving DevOps initiatives to the cloud, to turn DevOps from a CapEx to an OpEx

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