Futureproof Your Data Centre Server Security Strategy

Maximise existing investments. Set priorities for the future.

Server security is a journey, not a destination. The security landscape continues to evolve, as cyber threats are not only going wider in terms of threat complexity but deeper into the lower layers of the hardware stack, from operating systems to the very firmware upon which data centres are built.

So, how should data centre investment and security strategies be evolving in parallel - what can be done now to make the most of existing investments, at the same time as setting priorities for the future?

In this webinar we speak to security experts from HPE and industry analysts Freeform Dynamics about current drivers and trends in both data centre architectures and the threat landscape, what organisations can expect and how to prepare for future threats, across the full gamut of people, process and technology.

If you’re a security specialist or a data centre decision maker wanting to separate the wheat from the chaff and get some clear direction, tune in!

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