Requirements-driven software development and quality management

Removing the ambiguity from your delivery pipeline

Published January 2018

Whatever the word 'digital' means to your organization, there’s a good chance that it’s on the strategic agenda in one form or another. Even if it isn’t, the reality is that pretty much any significant business initiative nowadays needs to be supported by the right software.

This invariably puts more pressure on application delivery teams.

Adding to the pressure, is the way in which business requirements and expectations have been evolving in relation to the delivery process itself. The success of many initiatives nowadays increasingly depends not just on a fast time-to-market, but a willingness to experiment, and continually optimize and enhance applications and services once they are in production. This is particularly true of customer engagement systems, but as a result of digital transformation, the pace of delivery and frequency of change is increasing across workforce-facing and B2B solutions as well.

Against this background, a shift is underway in many development teams from traditional delivery models to Agile methods. When implemented well, these support a more responsive and iterative way of working.

This shift came through strongly in a recent online survey of 327 IT professionals conducted via The Register.

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