Following Bottomline’s journey to the Hybrid Cloud

Learn where Hybrid Cloud can take you


Bottomline technologies is a well-known player in payment services.

Its journey to the hybrid cloud started in familiar territory: how could dispense with legacy servers and storage, as part of an upgrade? As time went on, however, the organisation realised that the hybrid cloud offered far greater opportunities.

In this Webinar, we speak to Peter Marshall, head of infrastructure at Bottomline, about the company’s adoption of hybrid cloud, its highs and lows, revelations and gotchas. Nutanix will share the wider industry view, as well as their design and build expertise, and our very own Jon Collins will guide the conversation and throw in the jokes.

We’ll be answering the following:

  • What’s the best starting point for delivering cloud-based efficiency
  • How can you ensure the business and operational goals are achieved?
  • Where can a hybrid cloud take you, as a platform for innovation and growth?

So, if you are looking to take your first steps towards a hybrid environment, or simply see the cloud as a way of removing unnecessary cost from your data centre, and have any pruning questions about how to move forward, this webinar is for you.

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