How to deliver real-world Cyber Resilience

When hindsight becomes foresight


Being prepared for a cybersecurity attack is not the same as being resilient to one. To protect our most valuable assets against an ever-growing number of threats, approaches to risk mitigation need to deliver an effective and appropriate response, not just a coping strategy — which means looking towards true cyber resilience. While cybersecurity practices seek to defend and protect against a potential attack, cyber resilience assumes a breach will happen and prepares strategies and procedures to focus on business continuity and fast recovery to minimise impact.

In this session, and based on real-world examples, we'll take a practical look at how your organisation can become resilient-by-design – showing you how to deliver security from the ground up and across the software development lifecycle – to achieve optimum resilience to evolving threat vectors to your data, people and business. By attending this session, you'll learn:

  • Why being 'cyber secure' may not be enough to keep your organization safe from the elevated threat surface.
  • How do you really prepare for a breach — when cyber security isn't enough, how do you mitigate the risks?
  • A breach will happen, how can you prepare to manage its impact and truly become ‘cyber resilient'?

We'll be speaking to security experts from Blackberry to help you understand the practical steps you can take. So, if you're conscious of specific gaps in your security strategy or just have a discomfiting level of unease about what you could be doing better, tune in.

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