Personalisation and the Art of Employee Engagement Within Manufacturing

Keeping Employees Happy is Key to Productivity and Profitability

Published April 2019


Employees are not just workers that perform tasks. Employees are increasingly digitally-savvy, social media friendly consumers from diverse backgrounds, that are helping to drive economic transformation. Millennials and generation Z, in particular, are helping to fuel digital disruption. Traditional methods and practises are being shunned in favour of quicker, more personal solutions. From banking and transport to entertainment and retail, this is becoming the new normal.

What this means is that employee expectations are changing. While the basics remain the same – job security and satisfaction, remuneration and career path – other factors are coming into play. Culture, technology, diversity and inclusion are all cited, as well as the ability of an organisation to engage in the community. Employees are clearly looking for a more holistic experience from the working environment.

For many organisations, this will mean a shift in culture but it doesn’t have to be a leap. There are clear steps that can be taken to improve employee engagement, to meet the expectations, but also record and measure the impact. Combining culture, data and technology can lead to organisations setting clear goals, within frameworks that meet both employee expectation, but also business economic objectives.

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