DataStax Enterprise and Microsoft Azure

The Hybrid Cloud Data Layer Built For Disruptors

Published May 2019


Digital disruptors are giving customers the information they want, when, where, and how they want it, resulting in a fundamental shift in customer expectations and how enterprises deliver value.

Enterprises are in a race to set themselves apart from the competition and meet soaring customer demands, resulting in the rise of modern applications. Whether it’s for purchasing clothes, groceries, or software, companies and customers alike expect these applications to perform at a certain standard all the time.

However, building and managing these applications isn’t as easy as it looks. These applications collect data from a variety of sources, which requires them to be able to handle a rapidly increasing data volume and complexity. To add to the challenge, these applications need to be highly relevant to the user, always available, instantly responsive, and accessible anytime, anywhere. Also, many enterprises are now opting to go “hybrid cloud” for these applications because it provides more flexibility while still allowing them to retain control of their data.

Not surprisingly, as enterprises move towards adopting these modern applications and achieving data autonomy, the data layer and cloud infrastructure they run on can make a huge impact.

In this eBook, we’ll take a look at why DataStax and Azure combine to make the ideal data layer for contextual, always on, real-time, distributed, and scalable applications.

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