Balancing consumerization and corporate control

Every employee is also a consumer

Balancing consumerization and corporate control

Fact: every corporate employee is also a consumer. So it’s no surprise that we prefer to use familiar tools when collaborating with colleagues and partners. Such tools are simple and effective: they get the job done, even if it means working outside the traditional jurisdiction of IT.

However, the IT department can only monitor and protect company data if it is stored in a controlled system of record. So, how can enterprises balance the needs of collaboration with corporate control?

If anyone knows the answer, it’s likely to be Dropbox, with over half a billion users and 400,000 business teams. What do their IT clients know, that enables them to deliver ownership, visibility and control?

In this webinar we look at:

  • What’s the current state of play — how did non-corporate issue tools become a mainstay of business today?
  • What key features of tools that can deliver on collaboration goals while not breaking the corporate need for governance?
  • How can IT organizations get the balance right, and how do they know when they are being successful — what measures can they apply?
  • What about the longer term — how to align tools, models and approaches with the future of work and of productivity?

    So, if you're looking to step up your game, get more insight into the tools your teams are using and further embrace the opportunities of balancing corporate with consumerized, collaborative IT, tune in.

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