As business migrates to the cloud

Learn how to boost performance and stay ahead of problems


Modern business applications have become hybrid beasts, with SaaS, PaaS, and traditional on premise applications all needing to work perfectly all the time to ensure users - both inside and external to the organisation - can remain productive. But with applications in so many places, and so many ways those applications can degrade or even break, it’s become increasingly difficult to maintain user productivity and provide an excellent level of service as businesses become more and more reliant on digital infrastructure.

What to do? In this webinar we were joined by an expert from Riverbed to cover:

  • The growing problem of business application performance monitoring;
  • The wisdom of measuring application performance from the point of view of the user;
  • How IT can deliver a SLA measurement and detect performance deviations before they become problems and users are impacted;
  • Increase ROI, IT staff efficiency, and workforce productivity;
  • Where to go and what to do next.

The future of business lies with the cloud. Application performance equals business performance. If you’re delivering digital applications to users, tune in - bring your questions with you, and we’ll put them to the people that know.

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