Delivering on the multi-cloud dream: Clear strategies for success

Containerisation, integration, migration, collaboration, innovation - we’ve got it all


Whether you are running your business entirely on a single cloud, or mostly on-prem, you probably have a dream. That dream is to have the freedom to deploy, run and manage your applications, whether on-prem or with a cloud provider, without requiring administrators and developers to learn different environments and APIs. Write once, run everywhere.

This can be harder than it looks. So how can you reap the rewards of hybrid and multi-cloud, maximising efficiency and minimising costs? How do you deliver the right combination of cloud-based platforms whilst avoiding lock-in?

In this webinar, aimed at senior decision makers and strategists, we’ll be talking to Greg DeMichillie, Director of Developer Strategy at Google Cloud and Mark Serdze, Director of Cloud Infrastructure at Trax to discuss:

  • Reasons why moving to a hybrid or multi-cloud strategy has become a more realistic option
  • The role of cutting-edge containerisation and serverless technologies
  • Guiding factors across cost management, ease of migration, security and compliance
  • Integration with tools, processes and roles to enable collaboration and innovation

We’ll cut the Gordian Knot of cloud-based complexity and give you the key elements of a hybrid and multi-cloud strategy that can deliver. And we’ll consider how this links to other trends, such as the take-up of advanced analytics, machine learning and AI. Interested? Then tune in.

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