Disrupting with data - challenges for digital native organizations

Infrastructure, principles and practice to capture the data opportunity


Is your organization depending on data to disrupt the market? If so, you’ve probably already built a modern data-oriented infrastructure. Yet we have found even organizations at the cutting edge of data have common challenges around people, process and tooling. These challenges are caused by fast growth, changing organizational strategy and a shifting competitive landscape.

In this webinar, our very own Jon Collins speaks to Greg DeMichillie, Director of Developer Strategy at Google Cloud and Omri Keret, VP R&D at Apester about:

  • Principles for delivering higher levels of business value from data
  • How to deal with the (permanent) data scientists and analyst skills shortage
  • Data performance and management overheads - how to scale without hitting a wall

So, if you want to continue to outpace the market using data, tune in.

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