How OEMs are bringing the clouds home

Public, private, hybrid, multi, my head hurts - how to build a full-stack solution which makes the best of all available resources


As equipment manufacturers from healthcare to transportation, security to communications well know, the future is going to be software-defined and maybe a little bit cloudy. Opportunities are legion in terms of both direct innovation and delivering new, better experiences for customers, driving both business effectiveness and reduced delivery costs.

But there is no one-size fits-all option when it comes to deployment. Far from it being a journey about how to “go to the cloud”, many organisations are discovering it’s about “bringing the clouds to you” — that is, embracing cloud as an architecture for in-house and publicly hosted systems and services alike. In parallel, questions abound about what to run where, given constraints of compliance and costs, connectivity and control.

In this webinar we speak to Brian Stack, Data Centre business unit lead for Avnet EMEA about how to define a pre-meditated, multi-cloud strategy, making the best use of in-house data centres and public services, and selecting the right tool for the job. In this webinar we will cover:

  • The challenge and opportunity for OEMs — what are such organisations trying to do, and what issues are twarting them?
  • What’s the starting point — defining an-overarching plan to help you as you review current applications and services
  • Where to go from here — setting out your road map for using cloud-based solutions, wherever they are hosted
  • Lessons, tips and tricks — summarising lessons learned from the field

So, if you’re all-in on the cloud, feel you are stumbling in the dark, or are still on the starting blocks and don’t want to step into the mist without a bright light to guide you, join us.

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