What next after Netezza?

Your migration path to becoming truly data-driven

Published September 2019


IBM has officially announced the discontinuation of support for the Netezza product line, starting in July 2019. This forces its customers to move to a new platform for enterprise support. The migration path to IBM’s suggested replacement product, the IBM Integrated Analytics System (IIAS), is far from straightforward. In fact, the migration is proving to be a much more complex and time-intensive exercise than most people anticipated. As a result, many existing Netezza customers are sensibly looking to re-evaluate the current marketplace to explore easier and quicker migration options.

Fortunately, Exasol's analytics database is an in-memory, column-oriented, relational database management system (RDMS) that’s conceptually similar to Netezza. However, they’ve taken the massive parallel computing (MPP) concept to a new higher level to enable improved and accelerated data analytic capabilities on flexible, commodity hardware.

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