NVMe - The State of Play

Is the new protocol ready to take the storage world by storm?

Published October 2019

NVMe - The State of Play

After decades when little has fundamentally changed, the last five years have seen a veritable storm of storage systems innovation, with All-Flash Arrays, SSDs and even Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) all gaining much attention.

However, without architectural changes to the protocols that connect storage to servers, the overall benefits, while significant, were not as great as the hardware could deliver.

Enter NVMe, a lightweight but full-function connectivity protocol built from the ground up to replace SAS and SATA. It was created to allow IT systems to access and write data quicker and far more efficiently. And, it was not just written for the hardware deployed today, but rather, NVMe was designed from scratch, to integrate with new storage technologies that might be created and commercialized in the foreseeable future.

Thus, we asked IT professionals to take part in an online survey to tell us what’s actually happening with NVMe adoption in organizations.

Do people know enough about it?

Do they trust NVMe as a protocol and are storage suppliers ready to deliver reliable solutions?

Where is NVMe deployed in production systems today?

Well, 152 IT professionals from organizations of all sizes gave us their answers.

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