Embracing HPC and AI change

HPC asset bundle

Published November 2019


IT industry analysts see the future and it has AI written all over it. Forrester predicts AI technologies will grow increasingly critical when it comes to winning, serving, and retaining customers. (1) IDC estimates that 70 percent of CIOs will aggressively apply data and AI to IT operations, tools, and processes by 2021. (2)

Intel has prepared this HPC resource kit to help you take advantage of the opportunities inherent in your existing HPC clusters—opportunities to run AI and analytics workloads. The kit includes:

  • A white paper with hands-on guidance for accelerating AI adoption and deriving meaning from big data.
  • A second white paper that offers developers and data scientists tips for enhancing performance for deep learning applications.
  • A technology brief that provides guidance for making the most of AI opportunities with a strategy that readies your data to deliver for your organization.
  • Together, these three resources provide a synergistic combination of valuable information and practical suggestions for optimizing your data and HPC infrastructure so you can achieve maximum results.

(1) https://www.forrester.com/report/The+Forrester+Tech+Tide+Artificial+Intelligence+For+Business+Insights+Q3+2018/-/E-RES143252
(2) https://www.idc.com/getdoc.jsp?containerId=prUS44420918

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