Fine turn multi-cloud with containers and Intel Optane DC

Hybrid-cloud asset bundle

Published November 2019


Multi-cloud environments are rapidly becoming the standard in enterprises. But as with most technology trends that catch on quickly, optimization approaches for multi-cloud environments tend to lag behind.

  • Intel has prepared this multi-cloud resource kit to help you accelerate and enhance the optimization process as you build out your multi-cloud environment. It includes:

  • An infographic to help you develop a strategy for creating a cloud-native platform that frees applications to run at their best, independent of the architecture that supports them.
  • A white paper that features key questions to consider when strategizing about how to extract the greatest value from multi-cloud environments.
  • An eGuide that establishes how containers have proved their worth by allowing applications to run anywhere on a reliable basis, regardless of dependencies.
  • Together, these three resources provide a synergistic combination of valuable information and practical suggestions for optimizing your multi-cloud environment and achieving maximum results.

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