Evolving Datacenters without Complexity

Simplifying DataStax Deployments and Management with Kubernetes


Today, many enterprise IT organizations are implementing hybrid and multi-cloud solutions to bring the most advanced features and capabilities into their operations. It’s a move that promises a competitive edge but success ultimately depends on the ability to handle workloads seamlessly across providers.

In this session, we’ll talk about how IT leaders are advancing the capabilities of their datacenters to rise to today’s challenges. Our guest speaker, Chris Bradford, Product Manager at DataStax will bring first-hand expertise to a discussion with The Register host Elena Perez. The session will cover:

  • Today’s rapidly-rising expectations around speed, resilience and scalability
  • Why Kubernetes (k8s) has emerged as the dominant player in the space
  • How DataStax Kubernetes Operator simplifies deployment for DataStax Enterprise (DSE) clusters with k8s namespaces
  • What an increasingly multi-operator future means for IT leaders

This is a must-attend session for anyone who’s looking to elevate IT operations without getting bogged down by complexity.

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