Harnessing the value of data

Data in the right place at the right time with the right security


You know the story, we have data being created faster than ever before by users, by computer systems, by devices. But is it all stored effectively? Can your users get hold of the information they need and use it when and where they want? If your answer is “no”, or even just “not always”, this is a webinar for you.

Everyone knows that business value only happens when stored data is turned into information by people running software and, increasingly, by other computer systems. But the processing of data and converting it into information can take place anyway, in your computer room/data centre, at another location inside your organisation or even in the Cloud.

But managing data across the many systems you run in multiple locations can take time. To keep costs and security under control it’s certain you need to have a robust, reliable data platform able to handle all types of data from ingestion and creation, through active use into long term storage and then through end of life. And it has to do so without requiring constant skilled supervision.

So what can you do? Join us to find out as Tony Lock of Freeform Dynamics and Adrian Cooper of NetApp discuss what options are available to build a robust unified data platform that operates across hybrid cloud environments. If how you manage your data could be improved or your users could do with some help to get the most out of all that data you hold, please join the webcast and get involved.