The Three Pillars of Komprise

Know before you act

Published January 2020


Massive data growth requires that we re-think how we manage our storage infrastructure. All this data is causing you to run out of storage capacity and have lengthy backups. Budgets cannot continue to keep up with so much data, unless something changes. Moving forward, it needs to be less about storage and more about the data on your storage. How much do you have? Who’s using it? How fast is it growing? Why would you call your storage vendor when you need a data management solution?

Storage vendors provide you with fast storage and lots of capacity. They provide you feeds, speeds, IOPs, and throughput. Their goal is to lock you into their technology and make it challenging to change quickly to new solutions. Do you want any vendor to control your data?

Komprise Intelligent Data Management delivers analytics driven data management. The Komprise software works via standard protocols across storage vendors and backup architectures to provide a single management pane for your data without creating lock-in. This puts you in control of your data.