SANS Threat Hunting Survey: The Differing Needs of New and Experienced Hunters


Published January 2020

  • The SANS Threat Hunting Survey gathered current industry data from 575 respondents from small/medium to medium/large organizations working in the threat hunting field. This year’s report aims to help organizations understand what threat hunting is, why it is essential to proactively seek out attackers, and how novice and experienced hunters can improve their processes.

    The key findings of this survey include:

  • 56% use threat intelligence to hypothesize where to find attackers
  • 34% of threat hunters manage SOC alerts; 26% perform IR and forensics of current breaches
  • 71% indicate technology is the first or second focus of their threat hunting resources, followed by staffing (47%) and training (41%)
  • Download this 18-page asset to learn how the most effective threat hunters generate hypotheses, maximize the value of their security tech stacks, and more.

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