Webcast Slide Deck | Quit your addiction to storage

Do you own your data, or does your data own you?

Published March 2020


These slides support the webcast brought to you by The Register and sponsor Komprise.

You were listening when they told you that data was the new oil, so you spend your working lives buying, tending and managing storage. But we don’t spend enough time talking about your data. What is it? How much is anyone actually using? And is there a more efficient way of managing it than traditional storage tiering?

Komprise argues that the answer to the last question is a big yes. It has helped customers to quit their addiction to storage using intelligent deep analysis of their data, which it claims leads to radically better cost and capacity management.

Join us as Krishna Subramanian, COO at Komprise, explains to The Reg’s Tim Phillips how you can slash storage costs and improve performance.

Watch the webcast here.