How the CLOUD Act affects your company's data

Combating the threat to privacy, and complying with GDPR


Warning: your company's data may be at risk if you don’t watch our RegCast.

The US CLOUD Act allows federal law enforcement to access electronically-stored communications data located outside the United States stored on the servers of all the major US cloud companies, even if those servers are outside the US, provided that the information they seek is relevant to a criminal investigation.

If the Feds use this method to nose into your data, anywhere in the world, they don’t even need to tell you. It’s not something that the cloud companies are keen to make a fuss about with their non-American customers, for obvious reasons.

Hey, you say, I’m protected by the GDPR! True, any cloud provider that complies with US law risks breaching the GDPR too. But, if push comes to shove, will your cloud provider side with you, or with the US government?

If all this makes your blood run cold, we’ll try to warm it up a bit with our latest RegCast. We’ll be explaining:

  • whether your data (or your customers' data) is really as safe as you thought it was
  • why the Act means you might not be GDPR compliant after all
  • what you can do about it

In the studio with Tim Phillips will be Sab Knight of IONOS, and Robert Healey of Relentless Data Privacy.

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