How to Thrive in the Digital Economy

Insights from API Program Experts

Published March 2020


Companies are hungry for ways to innovate in the digital age, and as enterprises have experimented with new technologies, it’s become clear that success requires expanding the reach of digital assets beyond a business’s internal talent. The connected experiences that customers demand occur across a range of channels, and the people building those experiences can be a developer building a mobile app in her garage just as easily as an IT engineer. Businesses need to make their digital assets leverageable to more developers so they can build more digital experiences across more channels, scalably and securely, to engage more customers.

In this brief, Apigee explores the diverse ways that innovation leaders have leveraged APIs to transform the way their companies do business. Download this brief to learn more about how to use the power of APIs to open new business channels for your company.

What’s inside?

  • How to leverage APIs to fuel ecosystem participation and new digital experiences
  • How to engage developer audiences - both internal and external
  • How to use the power of APIs at any stage of digital transformation

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