Taking the Cloud-Native Approach with Microservices


Published March 2020


Although n-tier, monolithic architectures are the norm for most applications running in production today, they are often not the best fit for complex cloud-based systems. The primary driver for cloud adoption across businesses both big and small is the need for agility and flexibility in the face of accelerating innovation and disruptions from competitors. Yet, more and more companies are finding out that simply moving and shifting their legacy system to the cloud does not sufficiently meet their needs. Their systems, built with a monolithic architecture, are holding them back from realizing their goals.

In this whitepaper, Google discuss the problems with monoliths and why they need a different architecture to maximize their cloud investments. They also discuss how this new architecture is better suited for the cloud and, finally, they walk through a real-world scenario where they illustrate the process of migrating a working monolithic system and transform it into this new architecture.

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