Set up your hybrid cloud right

Don’t let your on-prem infrastructure hold you back


You are still trying to decide if public is right or wrong? Maybe the snag is regulation, maybe GDPR, maybe you fear the loss of control and ballooning management costs, or maybe they just work better on your IT. So you need to set up a hybrid cloud that means you can be agile, that you stay in control, and gives you the best of both worlds.

How do you build a private cloud that will do this for you? How do you manage storage consolidation, business continuity, governance, security? How do you automate the processes that mean your hybrid cloud is an asset, not a headache?

Join Allan Waters of Nutanix as he leads Tim Phillips through:

  • The strategic and tactical decisions you have to make
  • Finding the right balance of public and private for agility and governance
  • Building management that is integrated and seamless
  • Using automation to improve your hybrid cloud performance