“Hey Wi-Fi, how are you doing?”

Using AI to deliver a better user experience


Your wi-fi is flaky. We’re not having a go, most people’s wi-fi is flaky, you’re in a big club. But as your users increasingly expect stable, predictable wireless performance everywhere, then existing tools to measure and improve access point performance are starting to show their age.

Imagine if you could ask your Wi-Fi network who has Wi-Fi problems, and why.

Sounds like science fiction, but it’s actually happening today, in the world’s largest businesses and smaller ones alike.

So join Stuart Bates from Infradata and Jussi Kiviniemi from Juniper, who are going to demonstrate Mist, Juniper’s AI-driven Wi-Fi solution that automatically sets up and continually optimises your wireless network to deliver better performance, based on meaningful parameters that users understand. They will be talking to the Reg’s Tim Phillips about:

  • Why most wi-fi networks underperform and why legacy architectures can’t fix it
  • How Mist uses AI and automation for reliable, predictable performance
  • How you can take advantage of these service enhancements

And yes, you read that right: Jussi’s going to be doing demos too.

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