How AI will enable the new era of remote working

Securing remote workers without friction


We’re all getting used to a new way of working, because we have to. But when social distancing is relaxed, working life will have changed forever. And so will the type of security you need to deploy: an emphasis on securing mobile devices, more remote working for more job functions, and a need to deploy tough security with a light touch.

What have we all learned about how to do this from the weeks in which we stayed at home? And how can we make all the devices and applications we will use in this “new normal” secure, without alienating users?

Stuart Jackson and James Alderman of BlackBerry are joining Tim Phillips to explain:

  • The path to secure, manageable remote working
  • how security is evolving to encompass artificial intelligence for threat prevention
  • how to create a security policy that’s effective without introducing operational friction

And, of course, find out how BlackBerry reinvented itself to provide security for customers.

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